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23 01 2009

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theBlocker and Anime Kabayan’s message to the noobs on TV5KOmmunity forums, whom are criticising the broadcast of TSP-dubbed Anime which had been shown before on GMA Network channels, particularly Fushigi Yuugi and DNAngel.

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Beggars can’t be choosers…

22 01 2009

Beggars can’t be choosers…
by theBlocker
January 22, 2009

MANILA, Philippines — Para sa mga hindi pa nakaka-alam, balita daw sa na ang mga anime programmes ng GMA-7 na Street Fighters II V at ang “tried & tested na anime” na YuYu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter) ay nasa Top Weekday Programmes (Daytime) na nasa #09 (na may 13.9%) at nasa #10 (na may 13.2%) respectively


Para sa akin, ibig sabihin nito ay meron pa ring mga tao na talagang may interes sa Anime programming, kahit nandun pa yun sa dalawang bobong istasyon — na mas kilala sa tawag na “The Big 2” — ang ABS-CBN Channel 02 at GMA Channel 07, pero siyempre… may pagkaka-iba pa rin sa kanilang dalawa.

Even though ABS-CBN still lacks things TV5 have… at least they are trying hard. Because from what I have heard, the main terrestrial channel (Channel 02) will be premiering a new anime on 2nd of February, which is Reborn! (Katekyō Hitman Reborn!) and it will be at 01:15 GMT. Yeah yeah… i know, it is in the Umaganda morning block, but what the heck… it’s still a new anime!

Also they have one anime programme in the Hapontastic afternoon block, which is Zoids: Genesis. But the only downside on having this anime (allegedly) schedules at 08:30 GMT is it will always be the so-called Sakripisyong Tupa (Sacrificial Lamb) because the noontime variety show, Wowowee, usually overlap the time intended for Parekoy!

A little bit weird, since there’s Mr. Bean (Live Version) which had been in rotation for a long long time already… and being repeated over and over again… why not that programme?

Well at least they have a somewhat better record than the other network.

I don’t know what the hell are these people thinking, from our vantage point, all I could think about them is they only care for 2 things… The Gold and The Numbers. As you can see on their schedule, you’ll never gonna say that it’s from GMA without seeing these anime programmes — YuYu Hakusho (Ghost Fighters), Dragon Ball Z, Slam Dunk, Flame of Recca, and Doraemon.

From what we guess is the Top 5 anime programmes that gave GMA Network some revenues and the ratings, and they ignore everything else. All new animes are automatically thrown out, maybe somewhere in the unknown or in their dusty Archive Box.

Hell, they even ignore those top animes that had been shown during “We Are Animé” days, like Fushigi Yuugi (Curious Play), Hell Teacher Nube, Monster Rancher, Hunter x Hunter. And many people are requesting those animes to be shown again on GMA since 2002 or so… especially in their own forums. But from what we see (at ZEN Otaku Honbu), they only use those forums for some Viewer Chit-Chat and nothing else. CRAP.

Some people says, GMA do not release their “formulas” on TV broadcasting… but Damn! If you ask me, it’s a bit easy to figure it out…

Anime that brings the Gold or the Numbers = God forsaken Unlimited Airtime as long as you live. Or they live.

Simple as 1-2-3… and even an “Educated” Otaku can figure this out, because they have been doing this since 2002 or so.

And take note of this…

So if you’re favourite anime has been moved somewhere alse, BLAME THEM.
But in their own bubble, all they can say (i guess) is… Those Beggars have no other choice! *evil laugh*

But we say… We have no choice. Until now.

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In Memoriam (Part 1)

15 06 2008

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These may be one of those days that it’s just too hard to celebrate because something bad happened, and although I may not be related to these people but I really feel the pain of losing someone too, although not a part of my extended family. And on this first part of the blog, it will be all about the untimely death of the Philippine Actor Rudy Fernandez, died last Saturday (June 7) at the age of 56, and the imfamous Moderator of NBC “Meet the Press” Tim Russert, died Friday (June 13) at the age of 58. Although I’m not related to both Daboy and Mr. Russert, I only know them through the television, but this may be one hard thing to write…

Wow… two different people that changed lives, and after they die… everything will never be the same, and that’s what I can say to both Daboy and Mr. Russert. And the worst thing is… both had happened before Father’s Day, which I really think is a total bummer.


First off will all about the late Rudy Fernandez… He is a very great and well-respected Actor, but (according to his family, friends and colleagues) he is one funny, always reachable, trusted guy. Although he’d faced many challenges in the past, including his seperation & annulment on his first wife Alma Moreno, he succeeded it. At the time when he had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, his family and his colleagues got together and never left him… until his death, they have been one with him. In behalf of his family, friends, colleagues, fans… Thank You and I Salute You for being a Great Filipino, I know that you’re in a very good place right now… sana ay masaya ka.

He had been survived by his wife, the actress Lorna Tolentino, his first child (from Alma Moreno), Mark Anthony Fernandez and 2 other children from Lorna Tolentino.


And lastly will be all about Tim Russert, but before I talk about his legacy… I would like to clarify that the only time that I knew or seen him will be during NBC Nightly News, his guesting on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and more recently (8 Months Ago, during the Global Destiny exodus) watching “Meet the Press” on CNBC Asia. He had always been described by his colleagues and competitors in the news business as Tough but Fair, and he is that damn tough guy to break… whenever you are on the “hot seat” during MTP, and you cannot escape! But whenever he’s outside of that studio (according to everyone that he knew) he his funny, he’s approachable, trusted, kind and a loving person… And when it comes to his family, he’s more than that… Proof? “Big Russ & Me” and “Wisdom of Our Fathers” are the No. 1 Top Sellers in the NY Times. I think that no one can replace him on that hot seat, and he will always be remembered.

He had been survived by his wife, his son and his Dad, “Big Russ”…

I’ll continue my discussion on this sad topic on the Final Part…

Earth Day: Genuine Cause?

24 04 2008

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The opinions expressed on this blog only discuss from the Philippine’s Point of View.

Most people would know that this 22nd of April is Earth Day and this day is for Our Mother Earth which has been slowly being destroyed by those idiots in the Developed Countries, including the United States and China, and it seems that many people are starting to be a part of the cause, since most of us have ignored this for so long.

But one thing that I want to ask is… Are their contributions to the environment genuine?

I’ll be focusing more here in the Philippines… For those who don’t know, there will be an Earth Day celebration and party here in the Philippines on the 25th of April, three days after the Earth Day proper… maybe because if the celebration has been done on a tuesday night, since T. Morato Ave. is a major road and have to be closed down for this party, then it will cause more havoc than good.

There are so many artists playing on the concert/party… but do they really intend to play for the environment? or just because it is free and can get more publicity? I have no doubts about the vocalist of Radioactive Sago Project, etc… And add to that, at the end of every party here in the Philippines this has always been the scenario for years now… Trash… Garbage… Rubbish… EVERYWHERE!!! And it’s up to the organisers and the so-called “Metro Aide” to clean all the rubbish that had been left behind. Doesn’t that contradict the value of what the organisers want to “enforce” to the people? Isn’t It!?

I’m calling all organisers and people who are behind this activity to PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO BE AN EXAMPLE TO ALL PEOPLE! So that the people will be taken more seriously to this matter.

Mobile Phones in Airplane… WHAT!?

9 04 2008

I always wish to fly on a Jetplane or the Airbus Jumbojet A380, add to that is because you can be in peace and silence… but those days may come to an End. The European Union has just authorised the European Airline Companies to allow passengers to carry and use their mobile phone during their flights in Europe. And if you ask me… THAT’S LOAD OF BULLS*IT!

One of the other reasons why I want to ride the airplaine is because that may be the only time that a person could get Peace and Quiet, excluding those snorers and crying babies, but now it will be replaced with some noisy businessmen, blabbering people and those irritating 4-letter word… Blah Blah Blah Blah BLAH! This has to STOP!

Can’t those freak businessperson don’t know how to use a stupid laptop and just have to use a cranky phone!? Oh… PLEASE!
There’s Yahoo!, Windows Live, Google Talk Internet Messengers over there can’t they use those… What’s technology for if you cannot use those stupid Internet Messengers…

Comments? BITE ME!

Why in Late Night?

9 04 2008

Most Filipinos have Interest in these TV Documentaries, but there is one tiny problem why even though these programmes are so award-winning yet little Filipinos can see it… It is shown after 12:30 midnight! I still wonder why the hell they shown it at that time… If you have compare our programming from the United States and to the United Kingdom, we are very far apart. Dateline NBC is being shown in the evening and that is the reason why it is popular, especially their “Catching a Predator” series and it is also the same with the Panorama from BBC One, which is now the longest-running investigative programme on television.

I guess one of the reasons why is because both channels, ABS-CBN and GMA, care too much of their fancy teledramas, both local dramas and the foreign asian dramas. Most of the people, including the teachers and other professionals, are usually referring to these TV documentaries which sometimes say is very relevant but having a problem because it is shown past their bedtime. Well it the fact is, thes eprogrammes has always been shown here late-nights but the problem is it’s moving constantly… from 22:00 it has been moved to past 23:00 but because of squashing another news bulletin it had been moved again to past 23:45 and again these two channels had been squashed by another tv series or reality tv or comedy programmes, it has been on it’s present location… past 24:10. Which I think is very unwatchable and a bunch of baloney.

Although ABS-CBN had tried to make some changes, by moving their late-newscast to evening. But the problem on their part at the very moment is their programming are just very squashed, after finishing their primetime news, TV Patrol, at 19:45, their TV dramas (as of the moment I think are 5) and their so-called Reality TV (I don’t believe that they are really “Real,” and those exposure-hungry so-called people just wanted to be as popular as Sharon Cuneta or Ogie Alcasid, it’s like pre-planned by those power and money-hungry administrators) and so the result is istead of those evening newscast being shown at 22:30, what happened in reality is the so-called evening newscast is being shown between 23:30 to 23:50 and moving these relevant TV series at a very late-night.

The only good thing about ABS-CBN’s programming is it is being shown (for many times) on their so-called News Channel, the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC), but how about GMA? If you are lucky, then you can buy their DVD during their road or cinema tours during their anniversaries which they do 5 times and sometimes are too old and not that relevant anymore… Bunch of B.S.

I believe that there should be some changes in the TV programming especially those 2 major TV channels here in the Philippines, One of my suggestions could be Why not make these TV dramas as a weekly programme, just like the US? Why not limit programme that are shown on a particular timeblock? Because I think only the Philippines can squash 6 programmes in 6 programmes that has a duration of almost 45 minutes! And that’s why I prefer Non-Terrestrial TV programming, even if it doesn’t relate to the thing that happen in the Philippines (well excluding Al Jazeera, they are the only one that shows some things from the Philippines and other countries).

Another Idea… LIMIT THE TIME ON THOSE STUPID SHOWBIZ NEWS! Philippines is not the USA and we shouldn’t copy them, and those programmes are far worst than Heidi Montag’s Music Video… Bunch of Crap, Bulls*** and just plain dirty, contradicting the belief of the people of Anak TV Awards. Take those programmes of and purt some quality programming in Primetime… now!

Qualities of a News Channel…In My Point of View…

9 04 2008

I admit that I’m not some kind of a media expert, although I am watching TV for over 10 years now, I still know some things on “How does it really works,” and TV programming maybe one of them. In this edition, News channel will be my topic but I just wanted to point out that everything that I say in this blog are just suggestion and I am not forcing them to change or to be the same like others.

Like most of the world, they have a News channel and they may have one pattern in their programming… News are shown Every Hour or Every 15 minutes, just like the 3 big news channels, CNN International, BBC World and Al Jazeera English. And the Philippines have one too, and unfortunately we only have ONE… the ABS-CBN News Channel, also known as ANC, but unlike the most international news channels they have a different kind of programme and programme schedule and in fact these are the qualities of ANC:

• Their News Headlines last only for 05 to 10 minutes, if there’s any in the schedules…
• Most of their programmes are either some kind of a newshour but only at a certain times, 30 minute news update may not be usual…
• Bunch of documentaries that are shown on the main channel, ABS-CBN, and too much re-broadcasts…
• Most of the times, they simulcast with some cable channels including CNBC Asia and Al Jazeera English…

If you ask me, this is a bunch of baloney! If they ask me, these should not how a News channel looks like and actually… these are the only ABS-CBN produced News programmes for ANC on Weekdays: Gising Pilipinas (simulcast with DZMM TeleRadyo on its 1st hour), Umagang Kay Ganda (simulcast with ABS-CBN on it’s 4.5 hour), Mornings @ ANC (1.5 hours), Business Lately (1 hour), Dateline Philippines (1 hour), Take One (1 hour), another News Update (1 hour), The World Tonight (1 hour). Without the simulcast, then it only consist of 6.5 hours of News Updates (as far as I know)… But sometimes they still shove in a very long Senate hearing that doesn’t need that full coverage.

They claim that they are News 24/7, but the truth is THEY ARE NOT.
I really hope that they make some necessary changes, and also, which I think is the most important… BE ON TIME! They always start at either 10 to 15 minutes after the Top of the Hour, except ABS-CBN’s Umagang Kay Ganda, CNBC Cash Flow and Al Jazeera News (since they are live…).

But I guess we all have to wait, since it is the ONLY NEWS CHANNEL FROM THE PHILIPPINES… I hope there will be a “competition” so it will not be another case of the Monopoly. Will there be another one? Let’s just wait and see…